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Creating & Managing Trust planning services

A trust is a way of managing assets including: money, investments, land or buildings. There are different types of trusts and can be taxed differently.

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Trusts and How They Work

There are two types of Trust, a “Will Trust” and a “Living Trust”.

These trusts have various names depending upon what you are trying to achieve.

The main types of trust are:

Flexible Lifetime Interest Trust (Will Trust)

Protects the Home, Cash, and Possessions. With our Online will planning and writing services, we change the ownership of the property from “Joint Tenants” to “Tenants in Common”.

The Will then directs that the share of the property, cash and possessions is passed into a “Flexible Lifetime Interest Trust” which then does five jobs.

Protected Property Trust

Family Trust

During your lifetime

Discretionary Trust

Online will planning and writing services

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