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Equity Release

Homeowners are now able to enjoy the fruits of their labour and release cash from their home.

What is Equity Release?

Equity release is the process of unlocking part of the value of your home and turning it into cash. Whether you want to pay off debt, fund home improvements, support your family or go on that holiday you’ve always dreamed about, the money is there to use as you’d like.

How does Equity Release work?

If you’re 55 or over you could be able to Equity Release services using a lifetime mortgage, which is a loan taken out against your home. You continue to own your home and you can stay living in it for as long as you like. The loan is then repaid from the sale of your property when you die or enter long term care.

That’s why you should speak to an equity release adviser before you make a decision. They will take the time to understand your financial situation, tell you whether it’s right for you and recommend equity release products that are a good fit for your needs. Find out how to release equity from your home.

Curious About Releasing Equity from Your Home?

Now explore more about your possibilities with the help of our skilled advisors and gain access to equity. Consider the pros and cons and make an informed decision which suits you best. Our professional advisors will walk you through the equity release process and ensure you understand how it works. Let’s begin this journey together and maximize the potential of your home. 

How much equity could I release from my home?

The maximum amount of equity you can release primarily depends on your age and the value of your home. Our free UK equity release services consultation will give you an idea of how much tax-free cash could be unlocked from your home. It takes less than a minute to fill in a few details and you can immediately see an estimate of the amount that you could release.

How do I release equity?

In order to release equity from your property, you’ll need to speak with an equity release services adviser. Find out more about how equity release works and the pros and cons of equity release.

Frequently asked questions about equity release

What does equity release cost?

Costs surrounding the equity release process will vary, depending on your circumstances. Typical costs you may be required to pay include legal fees, valuation fees, arrangement fees and a fee to the adviser on completion. Some advisers charge a percentage of the equity released for their fee.

What happens with equity release when you die?

When you die, the amount remaining from the loan that you received as a result of equity release will be repaid to the lender. The amount will depend on the type of loan you took out, whether a lump sum or something more flexible, and the associated interest that has been accrued over time.

Do you need a financial adviser for equity release services?

Yes. It is necessary to speak with an equity release adviser, who will talk through your options based on your circumstances and help you to find the right solution for your needs.

Who can advise on equity release?

All of our lifetime mortgage advisers are fully qualified to provide lifetime mortgage advice and hold the Certificate in Regulated Equity Release (or equivalent) qualification.